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Mayor's Messages

No.                              Subject

In ahksasucyelah kuh ahkkweyaclah members ke LTG organizations ac set sie swearing in date ah

Request for pre-inspection of the Lelu Basketball Court

Lease agreement nuhke iwac se fin acn Finpukal

Mukuikui ke money luhn Lelu Town Government

Top lal mayor nuhke Council Resolution No. 12-104

Nguhsr kahsruh nuhke Cultural Exposition fin acn Pohnpei suc ma schedule nuhke July 14-26, 2022

Nguhsr lal Mayor nuhke sie Special Session

A request for LTC's assistance to appropriate the sum of $2,981.00 additional funding to supplement the funding for the renovation of the Lelu Town Government Court Room

Nguhsr kahsruh nuhke oxygen ac acetylene cylinder

Decision luhn Lelu Town Council nuhke moliyen Gas fin acn Pohnpei

No. 12-11


No. 12-12


Request for Inspection nuhke Lelu Basketball Court

No. 12-14


No. 12-15


Nguhsr lal Mayor in ahkfahsrye lwen lun senior citizens ke yac misenge uh

In announce sie contract bid ah in muhtwacwacack mokle sisek infacl yohrohl Kun J. Sigrah nuhke infacl luhlahp Innem

No. 12-18


No. 12-19


No. 12-20


A request to the Office of the Public Auditor for support & cooperation to conduct another performance audit for the period of 2019 to 2022

An acknowledgement that the Office of the Mayor has confirmed & approved negotiation between the Legal Counsel Mr. Albert T. Welley to represent the Lelu Town Government toward the Civil Case No. 39-22

No. 12-23


No. 12-24


No. 12-25


No. 12-26


Nguhsr kahsruh nuh sin Lelu Town Council nuhke ahkfuhlwactyeyacn Lelu Memorial Day

Draft PCD Form nuhke Lelu Town Government Subsidy

April 2023 Accomplishment Report

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